Questions & Answers about Sammytel
  • How does it work?
  • You can use your cell phone. This cell phone must be an Android phone or iPhone with Internet connection. 3G connection or WiFi is good for better call quality. So you will download Sammytel App from the Google play store or on iTunes. Before you can make calls, we will give you an account number and password that you will use on the app to enable you connect to our system to make your unlimited calls.
  • How do you make calls?
  • To call you do not need any pin number or any connection number. You will just dial the number directly like you are dialing an international number. You will dial Country code, then the number. For example if I want to call any number in Nigeria no matter where I am, or even if I am in Nigeria, I will dial 234 xxx xx xx xx.
  • When making a call, must the recipient or number called be on the same service or network?
  • Not at all. You can call any number on any service, whether they are on the same network or not. The person you are calling does not need to have our service or internet on their phone to receive your call. You can call any number, mobile or land line. Only the person making the calls is suppose to have Internet. Some times because the internet quality is so bad you do not get good call quality when calling someone in Nigeria which is common on Skype or Viber or any other VoIP that is out there. With our system that is not an issue, because you can call any phone number on any network.
  • Which kind of phone can I use?
  • Any 3G and above Smart Phone that is Android 2.0 and above or iPhone 4 and above.
  • Why I cannot hear the other person after I made a call? But the other party can hear me?
  • In case you have a problem that you cannot hear any sound from the receiver, you have to activate the option "Enable STUN" in the App setup menu to fix the "Silent Audio problem on caller". Follow the following steps to find the option "Enable STUN" Touch the Settings button of the App which is located on the lower right side.

    Choose "Accounts" and then touch your Account No.
    Choose "Network Settings" and then, confirm "Unregister" pop up.
    You will see the option "Enable STUN" on NAT Settings option. Default is OFF.
    Activate the check box to enable it.
    Save the setting and back to the previous tab to "Register" again.
    Note: It is a toggle switch for a difference network environment. In case you have the same issue happening on other network, just disable it to fix the problem. Enjoy Unlimited Sammytel call after subscribing. Remember to renew your accounts to avoid disconnection. A $10.00 reconnection fee will apply if you disconnect and want to come back.
  • Every call will last for 20 minutes then you can call the person again. Call quality largely depends the speed of your Internet connection.