Why should you join Sammytel?

Encrypted Calls

SammyTel takes your privacy very seriously. We use the same encrytion methods that the government uses to protect classified data.

Sound Quality

Top quality calls with no delays & no nonsense. No matter where you are.

Low Bandwidth

Our advanced sender node looks for an alternative node and resends the packets so you can maintain great call quality even with low internet bandwidth or poor connection.

Auto Recharge

Never worry about shortage of minutes! Just register your account with Auto Recharge feature.

Best Rates

Save up to 90% on international calling compared other services. With SammyTel, what you see is what you get. SammyTel service can be used with any carrier and any phone.

No hidden Fees

You can use Sammytel to call anywhere in the world while not having to worry about hidden fee or binding. We assure you there are no extra charges or hidden fees.

No Contract

Your unlimited calling plan will be active for 30 days. If you wish to continue using your plan for additional 30 days, simply renew before expriation date.

One service for US & abroad

Call from any mobile anywhere in the world for one flat rate. Talk with everyone. Distance has no meaning. Calls with no limits.